Junior II, Senior I & II: Math

The Houghton Mifflin Math curriculum, there are a variety of commercial teaching materials available to practice and extend mathematic concepts including Time’s Up Game, All about Time Activity Set, Tell the Time Activity Set, Junior Monopoly, Monopoly, Let’s Shop Game – Money Concepts, Arithmetic Lotto, Mad About Math Games, Monster Math Multiplication Workbook, Great Graph Art for Multiplication and Division, Math Drillsters for Computational Skills Grades 1 to 6, Rainbow Fraction Tiles Activity Set, Match-It Fractions Kit, Lakeshore Fraction Circles, The Fraction Game, Kumon Math Word Problems Grade 1, Adding Alligators – Grade 1 and 2 Word Problems, Remedia Math Word Problems – Grade 3 to 5, Every Day Counts Partner Games for Grade 1 to Grade 3 Math, Teaching Basic Math Skills Through Literature – Primary Learning Centres Kit, I Love Math – hands on interactive learning experiences and MATH the Write Way – Grade 4 Investigations and Extensions.

The Houghton Mifflin Math curriculum provides a variety of interactive learning and exploration activities provided to concretize and extend mathematic concepts learned including hands-on activities to explore new concepts, unit vocabulary activities, ongoing skill activities, Math Centre activities, technology connection activities and unit project for each unit for Grade One through Grade Three and Cooperative Learning Resource Activities addressing investigations and problem-solving, games based on new concepts presented, follow-up class activities, enrichment activities and calculator and technology activities for each unit for Grade Four through Grade Eight.

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