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I came to Genesis School 3 years ago. Before that I was in a different school. I used to get very upset and angry because many times I could not understand what my teacher wanted me to do. I knew the answer but the words would not come out right. I could not do reading and spelling. I felt very bad and wanted to cry and I hate crying.

Then my mummy told me that I was going to a new school. I was not happy. I was very worried. I did not like going to school.

After I started at Genesis, I found it very different. Nobody got angry with me, if I could not read or understand my work. I could ask my teachers as many times as I needed to. My work made sense to me. One day I picked up a story book at home. My mum was very happy and surprised because I was reading.

Sherman Lim

I came to Genesis School last year (2002).

When I first arrived, I used to be afraid to crowds, loud noises and camera flashes. I thought it was very, very scary. I felt anxious. I had no friends and I did not want to try out any new things, such as going to new places, meeting new people and trying out new foods.

After coming to Genesis, I felt not so gloomy.

I made lots of friends. I even went to one friend’s house. Shortly after, my class visited me at my house in Malaysia. I like coming to school. I enjoy my work and playing games with my friends. I even get my picture taken-but I have to be careful not to look at the flash. We share our snack sometimes and eat different foods. All the teachers are very, very kind to me. I told my mum that Genesis is the best school in the world.

Ho Min Kai

“Working makes me feel important and responsible.” 

Marina Viggaini

“It’s a good experience working with other people.”

Bich-Lien Tran

At Montfort Secondary School, I have opportunities to succeed. I like learning about local history and the school's motto, "Age Quad Agis/Do well in whatever you do." I feel that's important for me too to do well in whatever I do anytime, anywhere.

What I like about local history includes ancient history in Southeast Asia, India and China. This class allows me to find out what happened before the Europeans went there and about Monarchist and Communist ideas in those regions and the great nation of China.

Then of course, the science class offers me to learn about mass, speed, chemicals, ect. Also this course has taught me about the entire Earth through lessons about animals, glass, materials and all that sort of stuff in relation to Science.

Literature gives me an opportunity to read stories and poems I've never read before like "One Nil", "Pirates of the Kerbitu" and (I heard one line in a movie based on it) the sheep-pig, "Babe."

The assemblies help me to learn about what consequences could have happened if I never succeeded in school like these two "friends" fighting against each other and one got put in jail. I CERTAINLY don't want that ever to happen to poor me!

Design and techhnology lessons give me the opportunity to create cool objects like paddle boats, sail copters, creating by wood, plastic-kind of materials, by using all sorts of cool tools of the trade like screw drivers, saws, drilling machines, buffing machines and heaters, all that kind of stuff.

Music yet again teaches me new songs, tunes of music, and who was the artiste who made these songs, even some time ago.

P.E. lets me try my best in my fitness. I run around blocks, tracks, do exercises. With Mr Wong in charge, he tells us all to make good fitness or we will grow up to be worthless, weakling humans for all eternity. What we do is relays, basic exercises like sit-ups, push-ups, jumping jacks...everything that means Physical Education and excellent fitness.

In conclusion, I still believe there is something I hope to succeed and in doing so, share my thoughts with them about my beliefs of Monfort.

James Garten

As far as I can remember, my childhood was marred by taunts - "lazy", "pampered", "stubborn" and "difficult" were just some of the terms used as I struggled continuously to "fit in" with the mainstream system whilst coping with autism. I was often bullied in school by the other boys who relentlessly attempted to "brainwash" me to be someone I wasn't. I felt a "misfit", deeply imprisoned...within myself...

Now that I've found this home, I've found hope...finally...to be ME and that its ok to be who I am. In this place, I have privacy, freedom and the chance to set a good example to the other boys by following the rules of the home. I treat the other boys like my younger brothers and love them as my own because I too am in a place that offers me love and acceptance. I appreciate that I am allowed to have my own point of view, I feel liberated, I have my own mind and hat I don't have to please anybody. I am even grateful for the opportunity to be the "boss" in my own room and that I can live life the Christian way.

Living in the home also allows me to live close to where I work and be more focused on my job. It has given me a new start in life and increases my esteem as well. Although living in the hoime can be very unsettling initially, you adapt after some time especially with support from the home. Yes I do miss my family but here, I feel secure. The home gives me protection, that's the biggest plus point. There are people I can look up to such as Shan. For the first time, I feel like I have real friends and this in turn has changed my perception of life and people...Finally, I've come home....to me.


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