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School Calendar

1st Quarter - 6th January to 13th March 2020 (47 Days)

Monday, 6th January
Staff Workshop
Tuesday, 7th January
First Day of 1st Quarter

Friday, 24th January

Saturday, 25th January 

Sunday, 26th January 

Monday, 27th January

Chinese New Year Eve 

Chinese New Year Holidays


Friday, 31st February Chinese New Year Celebration
Friday, 14th February Valentine Day Celebration
Thursday, 13th February Last Day of Notice of Withdrawal – 2nd Otr
Friday, 13th March Last day of 1st Quarter


Monday, 16th March
to Friday, 20th March

1st Quarter School Holidays

2nd Quarter - 23rd March to 10th July 2020 (58 days)

Monday, 23rd March
First Day of 2nd Quarter

8th April – 4th  May

Home Based Learning /E-Learning
Friday, 10th April Good Friday Holiday
Wednesday, 29th April
Last Day for Notice of Withdrawal for 3rd Quarter
Friday,  1st May Labour Day Holiday
Thursday, 7th May
Vesak Day Holiday
Monday, 25th May Hari Raya Puasa Holiday

Tuesday, 5th May –

Monday, 1st June

School Holidays Start }  continue HBL 

School Holidays end  } as per our memo


Tuesday, 2nd June  

All Staff  (back to school)

Wednesday, 3rd June to 5th June

Staggered Classes Back to School

Some on Home Based Learning

Monday, 8th  June

 All Classes Resumed – Back to School

Monday, 13th July –Friday, 17th July

 Summer Holidays Break

3rd Quarter - 21st July to 18th September 2020 (41 days)

Monday, 20th July

Staff Workshop
Tuesday, 21st  July
First Day of 3rd Quarter
Friday, 31st July Hari Raya Haji Holiday

Friday, 7th August

Sunday, 9th August

Monday, 10th August

National Day Celebration

National Day Holiday

Holiday in lieu of National Day

Tuesday, 18th August
Last Day for Notice of Withdrawal for 4th Quarter
Thursday, 3rd September Teachers’ Appreciation Night
Friday, 4th September Teachers’ Day Holiday
Friday, 18th September Last Day of 3rd Quarter
Saturday, 19th  September
UN Family Day

Monday, 21st September
Friday, 25th September

3rd Quarter School Holidays

4th Quarter - 28th September to 4th December 2020 (47 days)

Monday, 28th September First Day of 4th Quarter
Friday, 9th October Children’s Day Celebration
Friday, 30th October  Halloween Celebration
Thursday, 12th November Deepavali Celebration

Friday, 13th November

Saturday, 14th November

Monday, 16th November

Deepavali Eve Holiday**

Deepavali Holiday**

Holiday in lieu of Deepavali

Wednesday, 4th November Last Day for Notice of Withdrawal for 1st Quarter 2020
Thursday, 26th November Thanksgiving Day Lunch


Friday, 4th December


**subject to change**

Christmas Concert

Last Day of 4th Quarter

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