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    Founding Principal :
Lisa Barron
March 1998
Age Range Served: 

2 1/2 – Adulthood
Special Education

Genesis School for Special Education was founded to provide a whole child centered, family oriented education to children with special learning needs who are diagnosed within the normal IQ range or above. Genesis School for Special Education is based on the premise that every child has a right to a quality education. It is our responsibility to maximize the academic, social and physical potential of each and every child. It is also our responsibility to provide a nurturing, structured and safe environment in which to learn in order to maximize the learning potential of all students.

Genesis School for Special Education provides full-time and resource educational services to students with special needs, including Language Delay, Language Disorder, Autism, Asperger Syndrome, Attention Deficit Disorder and Developmental Delay. The continuum of services starts with Early Intervention for young children considered to be at risk for normal development based on current developmental milestones, and continuing to the Pre-School, Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary School academic levels, as well as providing Life Skills and Pre-Vocational classes for older students who have reached their academic potential.

Recognizing that children with special learning needs benefit from a multifaceted approach to learning, Genesis School provides each child with an Individual Education Program addressing Social Emotional Development, Expressive/Receptive Language, Fine/Gross Motor Skills, Self-Help Skills and Cognitive/Academic Skills. Genesis School for Special Education adheres to a TEAM-based approach, maintaining continuous and open communication with teachers, therapists, parents, students and the Principal.

Values and Culture:
The members of staff of Genesis School represent every formal religion yet we ALL believe that Genesis School is founded on God. We pray together to open our hearts and our minds to allow God to work through us and we all agree and affirm that many miracles have occurred that are beyond the quality of our educational background and experience. Spiritual growth is an integral part of each child’s program. The entire staff believe in and follow our philosophy of “leaving our egos outside the gate” so that we can work as a cohesive team in order for our students to achieve their highest rate of progress. We all understand that the parents of our students are the most important part of the students’ TEAM and their input, requests and concerns are highly respected, acknowledged and addressed.

The entire staff understands that our first priority is to build up the confidence and self-esteem of each child upon enrolment and create an “I can DO it” attitude even if the concept is perceived as difficult. The staff believe that the ability levels of our students are rarely accurately indicated in psycho-educational reports or mainstream school reports and we set our goals based on our own assessment which are indicated in the students’ Individual Education Program (IEP). The Individual Education Program is sent to the parents in advance of the IEP meeting so they have an opportunity to review the IEP and provide any input or request for additional goals. The goals presented in the IEP are designed to prepare our students to enter or re-enter into a mainstream school SUCCESSFULLY.

The staff and parents refer to Genesis School as the “Genesis Family” since we all recognize that it is highly important to support the parents, siblings and domestic helpers of our students and work with each family to generalize cognitive and behavioral goals achieved at school.

The most important facet of our values and culture is to ensure that each child has a loving and nurturing environment and are loved and affirmed for who they are. We understand that society creates the concept of “disability” and we provide an environment where our childrens’ abilities are acknowledged and affirmed and addressed while we are working on the issues that prohibit our children from succeeding in a mainstream setting.

Length of Program – Day Program (Monday to Friday):
Half-day 2 timing (AM / PM)
– 9.00am – 12.00noon
– 12.30pm – 3.15pm

Full-day classes
9.00am – 3.15pm

Classroom Setup:

Early Intervention I
6 students :1 teacher/2 assistants

2 ½ – 3½ years


Early Intervention II
6 students :1 teacher/2 assistants

3 – 4 years

Focus on emerging language

Pre-Kindergarten I
6 students :1 teacher/2 assistants

3 ½ – 5 years

Focus on emerging language,

pre-academic skills

Pre-Kindergarten II
6 students :1 teacher/2 assistants

3 ½ – 5 years

Focus on emerging language,

pre-academic skills

6 students :1 teacher/2 assistants

4 – 6 years

Focus on Kindergarten

academic skills with focus on

language development

Junior I
8 students :1 teacher/2 assistants

6 – 7 years

Focus on Kindergarten, 1st

grade, academic skills, language

Junior II
8 students :1 teacher/2 assistants

6 – 9 years

Focus on 1st, 2nd grade academic skills with emphasis on language development

Senior I
8 students :1 teacher/2 assistants

10 – 16 years

Focus on 3rd – 8th grade

academic skills

Senior II
8 students :1 teacher/2 assistants

14 – 21 years

Life Skills, Pre-Vocational

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