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 In 2015, our (then three year old) son, William, was diagnosed with Global Developmental Delay (GDD).  The clinicians recommended he attend a school with small classes (a low student to teacher ratio) and also do as much speech and occupational therapy as he could comfortably handle.  The clinicians also emphasized that there should be as much coordination as possible between the school and the speech therapist, so they could work together to optimize his lesson plans and development.

 At the time we were not living in Singapore and in our area there were few English-speaking schools.  We managed to enroll him into a local pre-school, but the class size was 20+ kids per teacher.  William enjoyed the school and his speaking and other skills improved, but progress was slower than what we thought was possible and also it was clear to us that he wasn’t getting the individualized attention that he needed.  His teachers were well meaning, but in a class of 20+ children it’s hard to ensure each child gets the attention they need.  Also, because William had difficulty speaking, the teachers and other children in the school sometimes couldn’t understand him, causing difficulty in his lessons or marginalizing him in play activities.    

 Then in 2016 we moved to Singapore, and enrolled him at the Genesis school.   We looked at several schools, but chose Genesis because of its exceptional student to teacher ratio and in-house speech and occupational therapy.  Also, Genesis is a small school with a very loving and caring environment, and all the administrators and teachers know all of the children and their parents by name.  At Genesis, there’s a wonderful sense of inclusiveness and every child gets the individualized attention they need.

 From almost his first day at Genesis we saw a dramatic improvement in William’s progress.  His teacher (Teacher Denden) is absolutely fantastic, and from the beginning it was clear that she knew what she was doing.  She worked extremely hard doing drills and other individual activities with William, providing us with constant feedback on his progress (videos of him in class, etc. and giving us activities to practice with him at home. 

William absolutely thrived in this environment, and within just a few weeks he knew everyone at the school and felt very at home and appreciated.  

William also did in-house speech therapy at Genesis, and the therapist was fantastic.  His therapist and his teachers worked closely together, integrating his lessons plans to optimize his learning (just as the clinicians had recommended).  This synergy really worked well for William, and his speaking improved dramatically.  Also, having both the school and therapy under one roof was wonderful because there was no time wasted shuttling William in-between appointments.      

 After 18 months at Genesis, William has progressed so much that clinicians are now telling us he is ready to go into a mainstream school with limited scaffolding (support).  He’ll still need to attend speech therapy and a small school is preferable, but his improved speaking and the skills he learned at Genesis have enabled him to interact normally with teachers and other children.  Genesis is a wonderful school and we’ll always be grateful to Teacher Denden and the others for all their hard work and love  they gave William.


Matthew Ferry

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