John Breese

Dear Angie, Benjamin


We would like to take this opportunity to thank John’s new teacher, Durga, for her recent efforts in working with John, who has been in her class since January. We have been regularly updated as to John’s progress and on the class activities through various electronic media and we are impressed that John now knows how to put on his trousers, which is he now also doing at home. He also eats by himself, under supervision, and is no longer being spoon fed. Also, he is happier when he comes home, with no episodes of grumpiness as there used to be. He has also started enjoying being in the company of other, larger kids since December.


We are aware that John is capable of giving anyone a hard time but we feel that Durga is challenging him with new tasks and that he is responding well to them. In summary we are pleased with how he has progressed under her guidance.





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