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Academic Staff (Full-Time)

Early Intervention 1 

Mrs Redencion Potestades
  • Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education (Ortanez University – Philippines)


“Why the Challenge Becomes a Struggle” conducted by Donna Jackson, M.S., OTR, USA   30 October 2000
“Orff-Schulwerk Workshop, Music and Movement Education in Singapore” conducted by Mrs Maximilienne Lemye-Tan   9 – 10 April 2001
“The Learning Experience” conducted by Geri Johnson, MS, Speech-Language Pathologist   22 September 2001
“Sensory Integration” conducted by Erin Hopper, Early Childhood Development Educator   21 September 2002
“Integrating The Neurological and Emotional Development of the Child” conducted by Sherri Cawn, M.A., CCC-SPL & Beth Olsen, M.S., OTR/L   23 to 25 January 2003
“Yogakids Facilitator Training and Certification Program” conducted by Yogakids International   6 June 2004
“The Picture Exchange Communication System”, conducted by Amanda Reed (BAppSc, MA)   6 to 7 December 2004
“Teaching 9 Critical Communication Skills”, conducted by Amanda Reed (BApp,Sc, MA)   13 December 2004
“Helping the Student with Sensory Processing Difficulties : Strategies & Activities to Address Common School Problems”, conducted by Prof Anita Bundy   2 March 2005
“Catching Them Before They Fall: Working with Young Children with Sensory Processing Disorders” conducted by Carol Stock, Kranowitz, M.A.   2 March 2005
“101 Ways to Support A Child With Dyspraxia” conducted by Dr Adrian Tan and Dr Amanda Kirby   3 September 2005

 Early Intervention 2

Ms Denden Salalima
  • Bachelor in Elementary Education (Divine Word College of Legazpi, Philippines)
  • Specialist Diploma in Teaching & Supporting Children with Special Needs (ACC School of Counselling & Psychology, Singapore)

Pre-Kindergarten 1

Ms Durgashrii d/o Munisamy
  • Bachelor in Business Computing (University of Lincolnshire, United Kingdom)
  • Diploma in Learning Disorders Management & Child Psychology (College of Allied Educators, Singapore)

Kindergarten 1 

Ms Claudette Madronio
  • Masters in Special Education (University of the Philippines, Quezon City)

Kindergarten 2

Ms Renuga d/o Vijayan
  • Master of Education Specializing in Early Childhood Education
  • Specialist Diploma Teaching and Supporting Children with Special Needs

Junior 1

Mr Allan Potestades Javier
  • Bachelor of Arts (Polytechnic University of the Philippines)
  • Specialist Diploma in Teaching and Supporting Children with Special Needs

Junior 2

Mr Nikko Ortega
  • BA in Elementary Education
  • Major in Special Education from the (University of the Philippines, Quezon City, Philippines)

Senior 1

Ms Letchimi d/o Arumugam Eunice
  • Specialist Diploma in Teaching and Supporting Children with Special Needs

Senior 2

Mr Benjamin Kwek Peng Soon
  • Bachelor in Divinity (SEA Graduate School of Theology)
  • Diploma in Learning Disorder Management & Child Psychology (Linguistic Council)
  • Diploma in Educational Studies (College of Teachers London)


Mr Jeremy Goh
  • Specialist Diploma in Teaching and Supporting Children with Special Needs

Speech and Language Therapy and Occupational Therapy Services   

Academic / Examination Board Members

Mr Benjamin Kwek
Dr Monica Carr
Ms Claudette Madronio
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