School Calendar

1st Quarter – 4th January to 10th March 2023 (46 Days)
Monday, 3rd January
Staff Workshop
Tuesday, 4th January
First Day of 1st Quarter
Sunday, 22nd -24th January  Friday, 27th January }Chinese New Year Holidays              }CNY CELEBRATION
Monday, 14th February  Valentine Day Celebration
Friday, 10th  February Last Day of Notice of Withdrawal – 2nd Quarter
Friday, 10th March Last day of 1st Quarter
Monday, 13th March
Friday, 17th March
1st Quarter School Holidays
2nd Quarter – 20th  March to 26th May 2023 (46 days)
Monday, 20th March
First Day of 2nd Quarter
Thursday, 6th  April Easter Egg Hunt
Friday, 7th April Good Friday Holiday
Monday, 24h April

Friday, 28th April

Holiday in lieu of Hari Raya Puasa

Hari Raya Puasa Celebration

Wednesday, 26th April Last Day for Notice of Withdrawal for 3rd Quarter
Sunday, 1st May
Saturday, 13th May
Labour Day Holiday
Sports Day
Monday, 15th May Holiday in lieu of Sports Day
Friday, 26th May Last Day of 2nd Quarter
Friday, 2nd June Vesak Day
Monday, 29th May School Holidays start
Friday, 21st July School Holidays End
Thursday, 29th June Hari Raya Haji Holiday
Monday, 12th June Summer School Start
Friday, 7th July Summer School End
3rd Quarter – 24th July to 22nd September 2023 (43 days)
Friday, 21st July
Staff Workshop
Monday, 24th July
First Day of 3rd Quarter
Wednesday, 8th August NDP Celebration
Tuesday, 9th August National Day Holiday
Tuesday, 22nd August
Last Day for Notice of Withdrawal for 4th Quarter
Thursday, 31st August Teachers’ Appreciation Night
Friday, 1st  September Teachers’ Day Holiday
Friday, 22nd September Last Day of 3rd Quarter
Saturday, 23rd September
UN Family Day
Monday, 25th September
Friday, 29th September
3rd Quarter School Holidays
4th Quarter -2nd Oct to 8th December 2023 (49 days)
Monday, 2nd October First Day of 4th Quarter
Friday, 6th October Children’s Day Celebration
Tuesday, 31st October Halloween Celebration
Wednesday, 8th November Last Day for Notice of Withdrawal for 1st Quarter 2023
Friday, 10th November
Monday, 13th November
Deepavali Celebration
Deepavali Holiday
Thursday, 23rd November Thanksgiving Day Lunch
Friday, 1st December Annual Staff D&D
Friday, 8th December

Friday, 8th December

Christmas Concert (am)

Last Day of 4th Quarter